Payment Processing Integration

Stripe Integration Steps

  1. Contact us at and we will send you a link to a secure form where you can send us your Stripe API key
  2. Log into your Stripe account
  3. Make sure you’re account is Activated – see
  4. Click on the Your Account dropdown at the top upper-right and then select Account Settings
  5. A pop-up dialog appears. Click on API Keys on the top menu
  6. Copy the contents of the Live Secret Key text box and paste it into the secure form we sent to you
  7. Enter your Organization Name as well and click submit
  8. Make sure your Stripe account is in Live mode by verifying that the switch in the upper-right is moved towards Live and NOT Test
  9. Send us an email once you’ve completed all this!

PayPal Integration Steps

  1. Please contact us for detailed instructions Integration Steps

  1. Log into
  2. On the first page, look for the Account section at the bottom left hand side. Click on Settings
  3. On the settings page, click on API Login ID and Transaction Key, which is located in the Security Settings section.
  4. Your API login Id should show on the API Login ID page, and to obtain a transaction Id, follow the instructions in the “Create New Transaction Key” section.
  5. Copy both the API Login ID and Transaction Key someplace safe. You will need to provide both of these to RecDesk.
  6. Make sure your account is NOT in TEST MODE. If you go to Account => Settings => General Securitry Settings => Test Mode, it should read: This account is currently in LIVE MODE (see below)

       ** Please note that Authorize.Net may change directions as to how to obtain an API key. If the instructions above do not apply, please look at obtaining API credentials.