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GIS/Residency Management

RecDesk is able to support auto-adjudication of Resident vs Non-Resident based on a list of valid addresses provided by a municipality.

This ensures that registrants are paying the appropriate fees and recreation staff does not have to manually approve accounts or take additional steps to allow online registrations.

Our simple implementation allows for easy maintenance of addresses within RecDesk as your community grows and changes. The flexible options for defining valid addresses include:

  • Exact Address Matches (100 Maple Avenue)
  • Address Range Matches (175-234 Maple Avenue)
  • Street Match Only (Maple Avenue)

Our adjudication process automatically normalizes all addresses so that Boulevard = Blvd, st = Street, and everything in between. It also normalizes directional components like North, South, East, and West so that N. Main St will match on North Main Street in addition to a myriad of other variations.

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