Frequently Asked Questions


What is RecDesk?

RecDesk is a 100% web based solution for Parks & Rec Departments, Schools, Churches, Civic and Non-Profit Organizations that helps them manage programs, facilities, cash reconciliation, credit card processing and registrations (on-line, in-person, mail-in). It connects organizations to their communities by offering on-line payment and registration. It is easy to set up, easy to use and very cost effective. The RecDesk solution consist of two applications: RecDesk Director which is used by Parks & Rec personnel to manage their Programs and RecDesk Community which is the publicly available site that members of the community see.

What equipment do I need?

A computer with an internet connection and standard browser (IE 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Google Chrome). That’s it.

What equipment does the community need to search and register for programs?

A computer with an internet connection and a standard modern browser (IE 7.0+, Firefox, Google Chrome). That’s it. To take advantage of automated facility check-ins, you may also need a barcode scanner.

Who owns the data?

Your organization owns the data. We just act as the caretaker for it. RecDesk does not share or sell any personally identifiable information about your organization or its members. See our privacy statement for further details.

What sort of training is required to use RecDesk?

There is no special training required to use RecDesk. It is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Should questions arise that cannot be answered by on-line documentation and help, simply contact Customer Support with your question.

Is on-line registration available 24/7?


How soon are updates that are made in RecDesk Director available on the RecDesk Community web site?

Immediately. They share the same database.

Credit Card Payments

How is credit card processing handled?

All credit card processing is handled via your StripePayPal Payments Pro account or an compatible merchant account. You have complete control over the money your organization receives through RecDesk. We handle the integration details and PCI-compliance. Learn more about payment processing at RecDesk Payment Processing.

Who pays the credit card fees?

RecDesk does not charge any per transaction fees but there are credit card fees associated with all credit card payments – these are charged by the payment processor you elect to use and vary by processor. You’ve got the option of whether or not you’d like to pass these on as a convenience fee to your customers or, have your organization absorb them. Learn more about payment processing options at RecDesk Payment Processing.


How secure is RecDesk?

RecDesk is very secure. Access to the RecDesk Director application is done exclusively over of a secure channel (SSL). We do not store credit card information or social security numbers of members. All of our credit card processing is handled by our payment gateway partners on their own secure servers.

How is credit card information protected?

RecDesk is certified PCI compliant, does not hold credit card information in it’s database,  and leaves no footprint of this sensitive data. We only store the end result of such transactions including amount and authorization/confirmation number. All credit card payments are transacted on our PCI-compliant payment gateway partner’s secure servers over an SSL connection.


What if there is feature that I don’t see in RecDesk that I need for my Organization?

At RecDesk, we’re a customer focused company. That means you drive future product development and enhancements. We’re always open to suggestions and if a requested feature fits well with the product, we’ll make every effort to implement it.