Payment Processing Options

RecDesk makes it easy to accept online payments by offering several options for doing so. In order to process credit card transactions in RecDesk, your organization needs to have or set up an account with one of our supported payment processing partners. This means all registrations and other activity is transacted against an account you have full access to and control over. The options we currently support are:

  • (Primary Gateway – Full Billing & Invoicing Support)
  • Secondary Options/Support
    • PayPal Payments Pro
    • Paymentus
    • Official Payments
    • Invoice Cloud
    • Interware/Global
    • Point & Pay
    • ETS

You can get started with RecDesk without one of these accounts in place (to take advantage of all of the other management features it provides), but you won’t be able to accept credit card payments until this is completed. As soon as your account is set up, you provide us with some details on it and we take care of all of the integration for you. It is only that fully supports our Advanced Billing & Invoicing Features (Stored Payment Options, Auto-Pay etc). is the leading internet based payment gateway and works with a large number of merchant banks. If your organization/municipality already has a merchant account, then, in all likelihood, it can be configured to work with Or, if you don’t have a merchant account and are looking to go the more traditional route, is a great way to go. supports all of our Advanced Billing & Invoicing Features. Resellers:

The easiest way to learn about and set up an account is to take a look at their introductory tour located at

Once your account is set up, go here for specific instructions for RecDesk integration: Integration

PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro** is an easy way to get started with credit card processing for your organization. The application process is very straight-forward and approvals generally come within 24-48 hours. Once you’ve been approved, you can immediately start processing online registrations and credit card payments through RecDesk.

A PayPal Payments Pro account allows your customers to pay via traditional credit card (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) as well as by PayPal (via PayPal Payment Express) if they have their own PayPal account.

Once your PayPal Payments Pro account is set up, go here for specific instructions for RecDesk integration: PayPal Integration

** Please note that a PayPal Payments Pro account is different than a PayPal Payments Standard account. In order to integrate with RecDesk, it must be PayPal Payments Pro.