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Partnerships & Integrations

Partnerships & Integrations

Welcome to the Partnerships and Integrations page of RecDesk! Here, you will discover the incredible network of partnerships and integrations that make RecDesk a dynamic and powerful platform for managing recreational programs and facilities. We believe in the power of partnerships to enhance the recreational experience for both organizations and participants. RecDesk offers a seamless and comprehensive solution that optimizes efficiency, expands capabilities, and delivers outstanding results.

Kisi & LenelS2

RecDesk partners with industry leaders, Kisi and LenelS2, to enable seamless local access control solutions for recreation centers, senior centers, aquatic centers, and HOA recreation facilities.

  • Assign Cards/Fobs/Mobile Phone credentials
  • Robust controls for different membership types, facilities and time-of-day
  • Automatic Renewal and Expiration of credentials
  • Track and report on membership visits
  • Grant or revoke access privileges instantly


Musco is the #1 name in sports and facility lighting.

  • RecDesk allows you to schedule lighting times for each field/facility
  • Lights turn on/off automatically according to the schedule
  • Quickly fulfill urgent lighting requests from RecDesk Director

Reach Media

Reach Media is the industry standard for digital signage that improves communication.

  • Capture the attention and interest of patrons with digital signage
  • Create customized design templates that reinforce your brand
  • Improve the aesthetics of your facility and the customer experience
  • Enjoy robust features and easy-to-use controls


Sparxo is your one-stop shop for marketing and selling tickets online.

  • Sell tickets online
  • Create multiple ticket levels and discount codes
  • Market events with custom splash pages
  • Check-in ticket holders with the iOS mobile app or a tablet running Sparxo
  • Analyze and download customer data


MySites is an innovative booking system and outdoor-resort property management system.

  • Manage reservations for campgrounds, RV parks and resorts
  • Accept online reservations and payments
  • Customize amenities and property features
  • Operate multiple properties concurrently
  • Book long-term stays and set up recurring payments

Gill ID Systems

RecDesk partner Gill ID Systems brings more than 40 years of expertise in identification systems, access control, ID card personalization solutions and supplies.

  • ID printers, cards and supplies
  • Custom ID cards and keytags
  • Webcams/Cameras
  • ID card design software

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