About Us

Since 2005 RecDesk has been helping recreation organizations of all shapes and sizes move from managing with paper and spreadsheets to a modern, web based system that is fun, easy to use and affordable. We currently serve customers in over forty three states and Canada including traditional municipal Recreation Departments and Park Districts, Community Centers, Schools, Churches, Homeowner’s Associations and a variety of other Nonprofits.

Over the years RecDesk has evolved from a focus on Program Management and Online Registration to a comprehensive platform that supports all of a typical recreation organization’s needs in a unified, cohesive manner. We push the RecDesk platform forward every day to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

Our Mission

The RecDesk mission is to radically simplify the way recreation organizations work with and manage the information that is important to them.

We’re fulfilling this mission by:

  • Continuously improving our powerful, yet easy to use recreation management platform
  • Finding new and innovative ways to use technology that add value for our customers and drive community engagement
  • Obsessively focusing on design and user experience
  • Actively listening to customers