Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

As a company, we’re somewhat opinionated about how an online services business such as RecDesk should be run and how software should be developed. These are the core values that guide us every day as we strive to deliver the best experience and value to our clients. Here’s what we believe in:

Transparency in pricing

When you’re buying something or thinking about buying something, you shouldn’t have to search around a web site looking at the fine print or pick up the phone to find out how much it cost. We publish our prices front-and-center here.

Transparency of product/service

You want to be able to quickly get a feel for how a product or service might fit your needs. We believe you should be able to do all of this without jumping through hoops or picking up the phone – it’s the 21st century for crying out loud. That’s why here at RecDesk you can check out our online demo or take a deeper dive with the 30 day free trial – both with a simple click.

Software should pave the way, not get in the way

We believe the best software is the software you forget you’re even using in that it becomes a natural extension of the way you work. This philosophy has guided how we’ve developed and will continue to enhance RecDesk.

Customers drive development

RecDesk is a privately held company and we answer only to our customers. We listen to what our customers say and steadily push the platform forward every day to provide more utility and greater value to those we serve.

No PhD required

It’s great if you have a PhD, but, it shouldn’t be a requirement for learning how to use new recreation software. Full-time staff and seasonal help alike can be productive and up-and-going with RecDesk in less than an hour.