RecDesk & Social Media

What is Social Media?

Social media accounts are vital to building and maintaining relationships with communities, posting information about programs and facilities, and encouraging members to share information with their contacts.

Common social media platforms used by parks and recreation departments are:

Facebook- One of the most widely used social media platforms, it is estimated by 2018 there will be almost 170 million Facebook users in the United States alone. Facebook lets users post news, events, videos, and pictures to build your organization’s brand.

Twitter– Another popular form of online engagement, Twitter allows users to share news, events, links to other materials, pictures, and blogs.

RecDesk offers suggestions for  actively and strategically using social media.

Social Media and Time- One major difference between posting on Twitter and Facebook is the element of time. For Twitter posts, 5PM is the optimal time to share information. On Twitter news has a short lifespan as it quickly gets lost in a “feed”. On the other hand, for Facebook users time is not an issue. Facebook is driven by community, and members liking, commenting, and sharing content.

Using Hashtags-By placing the pound sign (#) before key words, social media users are able to expand the reach of their posts. For example, the National Parks and Recreation Association sponsored a selfie contest encouraging posts with the hashtag #SuperParkSelfie. Note that there are no official “registrations” for hashtags, and it is always good to search one before using it to make sure it is not linked to other conflicting campaigns or causes. Hashtags help you track or monitor the conversation. Hashtags can be used with Facebook and Twitter. You can tag us at #RecDesk !!

Telling Your Community About RecDesk

Ideas for your RecDesk “Go Live” Post

There are a variety of ways to “announce” your RecDesk on social media. Here are some samples that we think are effective. Ideally,  let your members know they can register online or reserve a facility through the link. Provide the link to your RecDesk.

Please feel free to use the following samples to encourage your community to use your RecDesk! We’ve also added a few of our customer’s “Go Live” announcements.

Sample 1:
Coming Soon!!! XXX Parks and Recreation Department will be unveiling our new RecDesk mobile platform. You can now create memberships and register for programs! Check us out at

Sample 2:
Check out the new {insert your RecDesk website here} powered by RecDesk!
You can use your mobile device or computer to create a profile and register for programs. We will also share our special events and updates through this exciting community website!

Here are some actual RecDesk Customer examples

RecDesk go live post
Murray Park post

Promoting Department Offerings on Social Media

Here are some suggestions for content that you can share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

  • Announcing the “Go Live” date for RecDesk
  • Encouraging members to create their online profile.
  • Registration for camps and programs.
  • Invitations to community members to participate in events.
  • Information on parks and trail maps.
  • Introduce new employees or volunteers.
  • Encouraging fans to “like” your page.
  • Materials on fitness/walking programs.
  • Sharing video or pictures of past or present events.
  • Facility hours/ facilities that can be reserved.
  • Ball Field schedules and any changes.
  • Program or event cancellations.
  • Advertising or promoting events.

Social media experts recommend posting between 2-5 times a week to keep your Facebook and Twitter audiences engaged. Keep in mind the objectives are to encourage more social media users to like or visit your page, increase participation, and drive your department’s revenue. If your post is interesting and compelling your users may re-share it with their friends.

RecDesk Waterville post

Your Users Will Share with Friends

Often Facebook followers will  post and encourage their friends to sign up for programs at your parks and recreation department.  It is recommended that you thank them for the post, or re-Tweet.

Eaton RecDesk Post