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Community Release 5-29-12 – Focus on Community

Today we rolled out some changes where the theme is “Focus on Community”. The goal was to make some small changes to make RecDesk Community easier to use and as easy as possible for the public to find and register for programs. 


1. New Account Login dialog

 The new Account Login widget, which is always visible in the left-hand pane is a bit larger and now has a notification embeddded in it which always tells the user whether or not they’re logged in. Some of the verbiage has also been changed to make it clearer in terms of Logging In or Creating New Accounts. Below are screenshots of the Not Logged In and Logged In versions.



2. Initial “Profile Set up Complete” message expanded

People were sometimes confused as to exactly what to do after setting up their profile. This message has been expanded a bit (as well as clarified). See below:



3. Community Login issues and Cookie Detection


Some of our customers have reported that some community members have had difficulty logging in. The “symptom” is: They login with their ID and Password and are then redirected back to the Community Home page. But, they are not really logged in and cannot register for programs. This has to do with what is called “cookie” support in their browser. “Cookies” are turned on by default in all browsers but can be modified by the end user. RecDesk (as well as the majority of other online eCommerce and banking sites) will not work without cookies. 


We now “test” for cookie support when a user logs in or sets up a profile. If their browser is not configured properly, we display the following message which explains why they can’t log in and how to remedy that:



4. Program registration alerts


We’ve added “alerts” to the to top-right of the Program Details page to inform users of significant program related data including: 


  • Online Registration Begins on xx/xx/2012 (see example below)
  • Online Registration Ended On on xx/xx/2012
  • Online registration not available for this Program
  • Login to Register for Programs


All this information was already included on the detail page but was “buried” in with other Program data. This brings it out into the forefront and saves everyone time.


 5. BUG FIX: Fixed Wait Listing dialog issue in IE 7/8/9. 

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