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Fun and Engaging Adult Program Ideas for the Field

Outdoor activities aren’t just for kids! Here are some activities that bring people together through teamwork, improve mental health through stress relief, and place an emphasis on health and wellness while being fun and competitive. 

Tug of War: Starting off with a traditional game, this all inclusive activity is a great way to break the ice and have fun. Organize teams to face off in this classic test of strength. 

Ultimate Frisbee: If you’re more interested in a high-energy activity, ultimate frisbee is for you! By combining elements of classic sports such as soccer, football, and basketball, this game places and emphasis on strategy while staying competitive. 

Volleyball: Going back to the classics, set up a net and grab a ball to enjoy the outdoors with a group game. Indulge in a team effort to have a blast and beat your opponent. 

Flag Football: A suitable game for all fitness levels, enjoy the excitement of traditional football without the physical contact. Instead of tackling, remove the flag off the ball carrier to prevent them from scoring a touchdown. Participate in a competitive activity while also staying safe and contributing to a team.

Cornhole: A classic and relaxing game where the objective is to score points by tossing bags into the hole or on the board. Get competitive with this easy going game!

Lawn Darts: An activity that requires skill and precision while also being family friendly and fun, lawn darts is the perfect outdoor game. It requires platers to take turns tossing their darts towards the target with the goal of landing them as close as possible to the center.

Bocce: A game that requires strategy, but is also easy to learn and engaging for everyone, bocce is the perfect activity for both casual play and socializing. Similar to the idea of lawn darts, the objective is to throw balls and try to get them as close as possible to the target ball.

With all of these different games, there are numerous options to choose from to have a blast while staying competitive and strategic. Adult programs are ideal for fostering community due to the fact that all of these are very inclusive and socializing while also promoting fitness and health.

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