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Focus on League Management

We just rolled in a great addition to League Management and have introduced league scheduling and standings capabilities. This first iteration provides “manual” scheduling. Games can be scheduled amongsts teams at the facilities/fields you designate and game results can be captured. All of this will be fully tracked on your Master (and Facility specific) Calendar and included in conflict (double-booking) checking when scheduling Programs, Reservations or other games.

Over the next 4-6 weeks we will be adding the capability to do fully-automated round-robin scheduling as well. This will allow you to specify teams, locations and dates – and RecDesk will do the heavy lifting of building out a balanced schedule for you.

At some point after the fully-automated scheduling feature is complete, we will focus on making schedules and standings available on the RecDesk Community portal for the general public to view as well as adding some limited update capabilities to individuals your organization designates as League Administrators (updating of scores, printing of rosters etc.)

League Schedule



Games as Shown on Master Calendar


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