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Release 6/6 – Partial Payments

 We just rolled out some enhancements today to include full Partial Payment support. This will allow you to track and manage partial payments for both Program Registrations as well as Facility Reservations. Please note that partial payment functionality applies to RecDesk Director only. Community members registering through the Community Portal cannot make partial payments. To get an idea of how it all works, read and look at some of the screen shots below. Please call or email support with any questions!

1. Marking payments as partial

2. Processing partial payments

3. Tracking partial payments


1. Marking payments as partial

 There are basically two ways you can mark a payment as partial: a) when the payment is first being processed and b) after the fact. Both of these methods are shown in the screen shots below.

Mark as Partial on intial payment

Mark as Partial “after” Payment

2. Processing partial payments

Once a Payment is in partial status it can be processed by clicking Apply Another Payment. Conversely, it can be also be marked as complete by clicking Mark Payment as Complete. When Apply Another Payment is clicked, a page comes up that has all the individual Registrations & Reservations that were part of the original payment. At this point, new Payments can be applied to these individual items. When the Payment is processed, these amounts will be updated accordingly for the underlying registrations/reservations AND there will be a relationship defined between the original and new payment.

Payment in Partial status


Processing a Partial Payment


New payment applied to partial


Original payment after having partial applied

3. Tracking partial payments

Payments that are in Partial status can be easily tracked and found in RecDesk. The below screen shots illustrate this.

Simple payment search


Payment search restricted to Partial Payments only

Roster with partial payments identified


Reservation detail with Partial payment notated

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