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RecDesk Release 5/22 – Email templates & profile setup confirmation

Two minor enhancements were released today. The first of these is around the abilty to customize the emails that are sent to members and the second is a more prominent message when they have completed their initial profile setup on the RecDesk Community portal.

Customized Email Templates

Emails are automatically sent to Members in two instances a) a welcome email when they first set up a profile on the RecDesk Community portal and b) the confirmation emails that are sent when members register for programs or reserve facilities. These can be customized now. Just send the verbiage you’d like on your outgoing emails to support@recdesk.com with Subject of Email Templates. The default templates are shown below:

Welcome Email Default Template

** Do NOT respond to this email. This email address is not monitored.  **


 Welcome to the Oakridge Parks & Recreation online portal powered by the RecDesk Network. You can now use your Member Name and Password to browse and register for programs offered by Oakridge Parks & Recreation.

 Additionally, you will be able to add other family/group members to your profile as well as view a complete payment and registration history for everyone in your group. If you have any questions about how to use this this service please contact Oakridge Parks & Recreation.

User Name: ryguy10
Password: ryguy10

Thank you.

Confirmation Email Default Template

* Do NOT respond to this email. This email address is not monitored. **


 Thank you for registering for programs with Oakridge Parks & Recreation through the RecDesk Community portal. The following is a summary of your payment and registration information. Please contact Oakridge Parks & Recreation with any questions.

Payment information:
    Payment method: Cash
    Amount: $51.00

Program information:

Joe Jones/BB-002 – Boy’s Basketball – Session II/$1.00
Ryan Jones/BB-002 – Boy’s Basketball – Session II/$50.00

Profile Setup Complete Message

It used to be that when a member completed their initial profile setup in RecDesk Community, they’d be redirected back to their profile page. There was some confusion as to what to do next or whether or not they had in fact completed the process. THe workflow has been changed so that upon successful profile setup, they will now be redirected to a page with the following message:


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