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RecDesk Release 5-12 – Master Calendar View

Today we rolled out two enhancements that some customers have been asking for recently. They are:

  • Master Calendar View
  • Ability to configure which Member fields are required/optional

The Master Calendar View in particular will be a great resource for quickly seeing what is going on at a Parks & Recreation department for a given Month, Week or Day. At a glance, Program happenings, pavilion & field reservations and facility schedules can be seen.

Master Calendar View

The Master Calendar View can be accessed from the Home page tabs shown below.

Optional Member Level Fields

Some customers have requested that we make certain Member fields optional. We have added in this capability and you can now tell us which fields you would like to make optional. The list of fields are:

  •  Birth date
  • Email address
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Home Phone
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