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Release 2-14-12 (Director) – Duplicate Member Profile Merging

We released an upgrade today that includes support for consolidation of/removal of duplicate Member accounts. This is something that can happen if one account is made in-house while a household creates their own online or vice versa. Over time, this can result in two or more accounts that have Program and Payment history associated with them for the same individual. The new functionality will merge ALL Program Registration and Payment History and do a delete on the duplicate profile.

The procedure for correcting this in the past has been to notify RecDesk Support with the Member IDs and for us to merge the accounts via a back-end process. This no longer needs to be done. Here’s how to merge two accounts:


1) Go to the Member tab and search by Last Name for the Member you would like to merge into another


2) Select that Member and then click the Change button to put that Member into Edit Mode


3) Click on the Merge this Duplicate Member With Another button at the bottom


4) Enter the first few characters of the last name of the Member being merged to and select it from the list. Click on the Merge Now button. That’s it. Please note that this action cannot be reversed so please pay careful attention to the profiles being merged from/to.

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