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Director Release 10-11-2012 – Reservations made easier plus some other extras

The following updates were rolled into RecDesk Director today. Thanks to Eddie at Craven County, Steve at Hudson Recreation and Craig at Morehead City for their feedback and contribution to these enhancements.

1. Facility Reservations can now be initiated directly from the Master and Facility calendars to have Date and/or Facility prefilled when making the reservation.

All Days now have a subtle Reserve item that can be clicked to initiate the Reservation.

2. Enable/Disable bulk email preference for Memebers. If this is checked, the Member’s email will appaer on the Email report you use for bulk emails. If it isn’t checked, it will not.

3. Ability to easily display and “copy” Program registrant emails for copy/paste into your own email client. If the Roster is large, the current “Email All Registrants” function may not work in all browsers due to a url limit of 2083 characters. This is an easy way to get around that and get a list of the appropriate emails.

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