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Director Release 11/7 – The newly redesigned RecDesk Director

We rolled out a release today that includes an updated look and feel for RecDesk including a newly redesigned Dashboard so important information about Programs and Revenues is more readily available. You’ll notice that every page and function in RecDesk Director has been touched by this update and the result is a system that is even easier to use with a bit more polish. 

The updates include more than what just you see on the surface though. We’ve made wholesale changes at the lower levels as well to keep pace with technology trends and make sure the RecDesk platform is on the leading edge. The newly released RecDesk Director performs very well on devices such as the iPad and similar tablets. We understand that recreation management isn’t confined to a traditional office or rec center walls anymore.

Even more importantly, the changes we’ve invested in position RecDesk for the future. A future that allows us to continue to enhance the value of our platform in ways our customers have come to expect and serve them the best we can.


RecDesk Director Slide Show

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