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Using General Ledger (GL) Account Codes in RecDesk

RecDesk allows you to associate your Programs, Memberships, Facility Reservations and General payment receipts with a General Ledger Account (GL) number and then Report off of that. The first thing that needs to be done to implement this is to set up your various GL Accounts by going to the Admin tab and selecting Manage Custom Lists. From this screen you can Create, Edit and Delete GL Accounts. A screen shot is shown below.



Once you have added your GL Accounts, you can navigate to any Program, Membership Definition or Facility and assign the appropriate GL Code under the Accounting section. Facilities have a separate entry for Deposits so these can be accounted for in a different GL Account. The screenshot below shows a sample GL Account assignment for a Program.



When it comes time to Report on these GL Acccounts, navigate to the Reports tab as shown below and choose one of the Reports under General Ledger as show below. A sample Revenue by Period – GL Account Detail report is included at the end of this blog post. 



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