Director Release – Member Tagging and Recent Memberships

We released two new updates last night. Member Tagging capabilities and the addition of Recent Memberships to the main Director Dashboard.

Member Tagging

You can now assign Tags to Members. This powerful mechanism allows you to do such things as:

  • Categorize certain Customers/Members into groups – for example City Employee, Coach, Volunteer
  • Search and Filter by these Tags
  • Target email campaigns towards groups/people with specific Tags

The Tags will also appear when a Member check-in, when you select them for registration in a Program ...

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Director Release – Better Membership visibility on check-ins

We rolled in an update last night that enhances the Facility Check-In feature in two ways:

1) We’ve added the Member Badges (right-side of screenshot below) to give better visibility into what Memberships an an individual currently has plus other important inf (residency status, age etc). Also, if a Membership will be expiring within 14 days, a red badge will show up next to that check-in showing number of days till expiration

2) If the Check-ins are limited to specific ...

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