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Announcing SendGrid support – Email Campaigns that Deliver

RecDesk now offers an alternative to Mandrill for sending bulk email campaigns from RecDesk. It’s called SendGrid , and it is an industrial strength alternative requiring minimal setup. We’re not dropping support for Mandrill – but effective 4/27/16, Mandrill will require a paid MailChimp account to continue.

SendGrid offers a free version if you send 12,000 or less emails per month. See info. on Setting up your SendGrid Account and Integration into RecDesk here: http://goo.gl/H3tjL8. If you send more than 12,000 emails per month and are switching from Mandrill, Sendgrid is offering a 10% discount if you sign up for a paid account by 4/30/16(see https://sendgrid.com/marketing/mandrill-alternative).

If you have a paid monthly Mailchimp account and you would like to continue using Mandrill, please refer to your emails from the Mandrill Team and merge your Mailchimp with your Mandrill account and complete the other necessary steps to verify ownership of your sending domain (see Mandrill email from March 16th).

RecDesk leverages two cloud based email service options to ensure the highest performance and deliverability of your emails. Even the best crafted email campaigns will have little impact if they do not end up in your intended recipient’s email box. This is where Sendgrid and Mandrill excel as they know how to get email right – from deliverability to reputation management.

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