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RecDesk Community Mobile Release

Last week we rolled out the RecDesk Community Mobile platform to our clients in 39 U.S. States and Canada – and the uptake on the new platform has been nothing short of amazing. If you browse to anyone of our client sites on a mobile device, you can see the platform in action – or, you can see it in a mobile emulator here – http://goo.gl/Lgdk6Q.

It’s no secret that mobile is quickly becoming the preferred way for community members to see what their local Parks & Recreation Departments and Member Organizations are offering. The breakdown for the last few weeks for RecDesk is shown below (Desktop vs Mobile Device).


A special thanks goes to the hardworking members of the RecDesk Team for bringing this to fruition. We started work on it in August of last year and then serious testing commenced in March of 2016. We’re very happy with the results and the quick adoption by the community has validated that sentiment 😉

Selected Screen Shots








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