RecDesk Community Mobile Release

Last week we rolled out the RecDesk Community Mobile platform to our clients in 39 U.S. States and Canada – and the uptake on the new platform has been nothing short of amazing. If you browse to anyone of our client sites on a mobile device, you can see the platform in action – or, you can see it in a mobile emulator here –

It’s no secret that mobile is quickly becoming the preferred way ...

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Punch Pass Support – Memberships

We added support for Punch Pass Memberships this weekend. This will allow customers to create Memberships that are limited not by just a time period, but also by number of visits.

The “number of punches/swipes” can be set at the Fee level – this will allow an existing or new Membership type to support one or more Punch Pass options as well.

Upon check-in to a Facility, if a member is enrolled in one pf these Punch Pass Memberships, the swipe will ...

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Announcing SendGrid support – Email Campaigns that Deliver

RecDesk now offers an alternative to Mandrill for sending bulk email campaigns from RecDesk. It’s called SendGrid , and it is an industrial strength alternative requiring minimal setup. We’re not dropping support for Mandrill – but effective 4/27/16, Mandrill will require a paid MailChimp account to continue.

SendGrid offers a free version if you send 12,000 or less emails per month. See info. on Setting up your SendGrid Account and Integration into RecDesk here: If ...

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RecDesk Community Mobile Preview

For the past several months we’ve been focusing much of our effort on developing a mobile-optimized experience for the community members of the customers we proudly serve. The result of all this work is RecDesk Community Mobile – a fully-responsive community portal that doesn’t just try to skinny down the full desktop version of RecDesk Community, but rather takes into consideration the very different form-factor of mobile devices and the nuances around navigation and a touch interface.

We’ll be rolling out ...

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Using Tags Effectively – Becoming a RecDesk Ninja

For the uninitiated, Tags can be somewhat confusing – but once you understand them and start to use them, they can open up new doors in terms of how you manage and interact with the data that is important to your day-to-day operations.

Tags are a useful way to further categorize/organize Members, Personnel/Volunteers and Facilities in your organization. RecDesk provides the basic framework for managing all of these important items, but each department and organization is a bit different with varying ...

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Director Release – Attaching Documents to Profiles (Birth Certificates, Medical Forms etc)

RecDesk now allows you to attach documents to Members and Personnel/Volunteers. Some common use cases might be:

  • Attaching a Birth Certificate to a Member profile
  • Attaching a Medical Form to a Member profile
  • Attaching a Background Check Verification Form to a Coach/Volunteer profile
  • Whatever else makes sense for your organization 😉

The functionality goes beyond just attaching documents though. You can also do things such as define Expiration Policies and search by Document Types. The use of Expiration Policies and Document Types are ...

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RecDesk POS Module release!

Today marks the general release of the RecDesk POS module. The Point-of-Sale (POS) System allows departments to sell Items at various Locations like concession stands, or other Facilities, and have separate Terminals (Cash Registers) for each of those Locations.

We’ve put a lot of hard work and thought into making this part of RecDesk as easy-to-use and intuitive as the rest of our service. We will be making ongoing enhancements to the functionality provided by our POS module, but here is ...

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RecDesk Release – Financial Reports by Time of Day/Shift and Program Subcategory Filtering

Set Period Begin Date and Time

We’ve added the ability to filter financial transaction by specific time of day in addition to Date. See screen shot below:


The following Reports (and one page) have been updated to support this time-of-day selection:

  • Revenue By Period GL Summary
  • Revenue By Period G LDetail
  • Revenue By Period Summary
  • Revenue By Period Detail
  • Payment Detail By Period
  • Revenue By Period Detail Extract
  • Refunds By ...
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