Community Release 5-29-12 – Focus on Community

Today we rolled out some changes where the theme is “Focus on Community”. The goal was to make some small changes to make RecDesk Community easier to use and as easy as possible for the public to find and register for programs. 


1. New Account Login dialog

 The new Account Login widget, which is always visible in the left-hand pane is a bit larger and now has a notification embeddded in it which always tells the user whether or not ...

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Director Release 5-9-2012 – More Custom Questions plus some other good stuff

We deployed a new release of RecDesk Director this morning that includes the following enhancements:. 

1. The number of Custom Questions per Program has been increased from 5 to 12

2.  We’ve added a new “custom question” box type called Text Box (multi-line). It provides a multiline text area where an answer can be provided rather than just the standard single line text entry.

3. Added a link to a registration’s Payment record from the Program Roster

4. Added ...

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Release 5-2-12 – New HTML/Text editor for Community Portal

We rolled out a release today to update the HTML/Text editor that is used to post Announcements and maintain content on custom Community pages. 


  • Is cross-browser compatible (tested on IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome & Safari
  • Is resizable
  • Generally easier to use with better preview capabilities


The first bullet is particularly important in that the older editor was not compatible with some newer versions of browsers and in the case of IE, had to be run in what was called “compatability mode“. This is no ...

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