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Release – 9/12 – New Payments Report, Other Enhancements plus Bug Fixes

1) New Payment Detail Report

This report can be found under the Reports section under the new heading Payments & Registrations. This will replace the weekly Settlement reports we used to produce when we handled credit card processing. Thi sreport is much more flexible in that you can specify a date range as well what Payment Types.
Report OptionsSample Report
2) Ability to “Hide” certain Programs on the Master Calendar

In some instances you may not want a Program (and all its’ associated dates) to show up on the Master Calendar (both in Director or Community). There is now a “Show On Calendar” check box at the Program level.
3) Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • When updating Reservation Begin Date, the End Date updates accordingly
  • The Enter button is now the default button in Community log in
  • Partial Payment info is now included on Payment receipts
  • Net figures are included on Payment Detail Report
4) Bug Fix – When transferring a registrant to another Program, the custom question responses get copied accordingly
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