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RecDesk Update – Embedding Facility Photos/Slideshows/Video in RecDesk Community

RecDesk now lets you to display an individual photo, a slideshow or video of your facilities in the RecDesk Community portal by allowing you to include “embed code” from popular photo/video sharing sites such as Google Picasa, Flickr, YouTube and more (see full list at Wikipedia- List of photo sharing sites).

These sites are dedicated to organizing and sharing photos (or in the case of YouTube – video) and can provide a superior user experience. In most instances, these services are free. These sites provide detailed instructions for working with and creating embedded content from their services.

The embedded content will appear on the RecDesk Community portal when you drill down into a Facility. It will be located just below the Hours of Operation. See example below:



For more information on how to embed multimedia content, see RecDesk Online Help

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