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Director Release – Attaching Documents to Profiles (Birth Certificates, Medical Forms etc)

RecDesk now allows you to attach documents to Members and Personnel/Volunteers. Some common use cases might be:

  • Attaching a Birth Certificate to a Member profile
  • Attaching a Medical Form to a Member profile
  • Attaching a Background Check Verification Form to a Coach/Volunteer profile
  • Whatever else makes sense for your organization 😉

The functionality goes beyond just attaching documents though. You can also do things such as define Expiration Policies and search by Document Types. The use of Expiration Policies and Document Types are covered in the Attached Documents FAQ portion of our online help guide.

Additionally, if you have a particular document physically on-file at your office or elsewhere, you can mark a document as simply On File (as opposed to uploading it to the RecDesk cloud) and still take advantage of Expiration Policies and Advanced Search capabilities.

Online Help Resources


Attached Documents – Member Profile


Specifying a Document Type and Expiration Date


Advanced Searching – Members and Personnel/Volunteers by Document Type


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