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RECDESK RELEASE – FlexForms for Memberships, SKU Scanning and more

Flex Forms for Memberships

We pushed out a release last night that now incorporates the use of FlexForms into Memberships. This rounds out our initial implementation of RecDesk FlexForms in that it now encompasses all of the major components of our platform: Programs, Facility Reservations and now Memberships. This means that for every in-house or online transaction, you’ll be able to: (a) Eliminate all those pesky paper forms (b) ensure greater accuracy and (c) SAVE TIME chasing forms after the fact.

Scanning of Product SKUs in POS

We also added the ability to scan Product SKUs (if entered with POS Item definition) on the POS Register page for faster data entry.

Updated Password Policy

We’ve also hardened the password requirements for both Director and Community – at least 8 characters with mix of upper-case, lower-case, numbers and/or special characters required. This is just a continuation of our efforts to provide our customers (and theirs) with the highest level of security and privacy we can.



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