RecDesk Release – Financial Reports by Time of Day/Shift and Program Subcategory Filtering

Set Period Begin Date and Time

We’ve added the ability to filter financial transaction by specific time of day in addition to Date. See screen shot below:


The following Reports (and one page) have been updated to support this time-of-day selection:

  • Revenue By Period GL Summary
  • Revenue By Period G LDetail
  • Revenue By Period Summary
  • Revenue By Period Detail
  • Payment Detail By Period
  • Revenue By Period Detail Extract
  • Refunds By ...
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Director Release – Member Tagging and Recent Memberships

We released two new updates last night. Member Tagging capabilities and the addition of Recent Memberships to the main Director Dashboard.

Member Tagging

You can now assign Tags to Members. This powerful mechanism allows you to do such things as:

  • Categorize certain Customers/Members into groups – for example City Employee, Coach, Volunteer
  • Search and Filter by these Tags
  • Target email campaigns towards groups/people with specific Tags

The Tags will also appear when a Member check-in, when you select them for registration in a Program ...

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Director Release – Global Household Updates

A release was rolled in last night that includes the following updates:

Global Household Updates

You now have the ability to update ALL Household information for a particular household with one transaction. This works great when there has been a change of address, a new cell phone has been added, a parental email has changed or there has been a change in emergency contacts. Global updates to households can be applied to any or all of the following profile sections

  • Address
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers ...
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Community Release – Online Membership Enrollments

RecDesk now supports full Online Membership Enrollment via the RecDesk Community portal. Control over which Memberships are available for Online Enrollment and for which time periods is similar to the way it is done for Programs – there are two indicators on the Membership Definition – Online Enrollment and Show on Portal. Additionally, you can optionally specify Beginning and Ending Enrollment End dates.

You can read more about Online Membership Enrollment activation and procedures here in our Online Help Guide.

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RecDesk Release – Member Info Badges plus more Community Text Editor options

A release went in over the weekend that includes the following enhancements:

1. Member Info Badges

We’ve added what we call the “Member Info Badge” control to several key places in RecDesk Director to give more context to Members when performing various tasks. The labels/badges include Age/Birthdate, Residency Status and Active Memberships. An example of what this looks like after selecting a Member for Program Registration is shown below. This same info is displayed on the Member Detail page as well as ...

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Director Release – Drop-In Program Support

We’re happy to announce the release of new features in support of Drop-In programs (pay-per-use/visit). This gives your organization a more streamlined way to record, track and collect payment on drop-in program attendees – all in the context of the basic facility check-in workflow.

Check-in counts for individuals are tracked on the Roster page and Facility Check-Ins plus related drop-in program check-ins can be reported on via the Reports tab.

1. Getting started – designate the Program as supporting Drop-Ins

Programs now have ...

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Director Release – Auto-Fill on Custom Questions plus new Membership Reports

A release was rolled out Saturday morning, 7/27/2013, that includes the following enhancements:

  • Auto-Fill Custom Question Answers
  • New Membership Report

Auto-Fill Custom Question Answers

Custom Questions are used to collect further information from registrants at the time of registration. A common Custom Question might be: What is your t-shirt size? Another example might be Who is authorized to pick your child up from camp? The responses can be in the form of a textbox, multi-line textbox, drop down list or check box. See the ...

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Director Release – Minor Reporting updates

We rolled out some minor reporting updates this evening.

1) Payment Receipt: Now includes Convenience Fee (if applicable to your organization) and the Date/Time of any Reservation line items.

2) Payment Detail Report: Now includes Convenience Fee (if applicable to your organization) as well as the GL Code Account number at the Line level





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