Release 9-27 – Improved Receipt plus Member reservation visibility on reports plus calendar

Three minor changes were rolled out this morning. They are:

1) An improved receipt for customers/members

2) Inclusion of member name/address/phone on Facility Reservation reports

3) Notation on Master Calendar for those Reservations that have payment that is still in partial status


An improved receipt for customers/members

Inclusion of member name/address/phone on Facility Reservation reports


Notation on Master Calendar for those Reservations that have payment that is still in ...

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Release 9-8 – Bulk Reports on Past Programs

We rolled out a release today that will let you easily choose multiple Programs that have already occurred (past Programs) for Reports such as the Revenue by Program Report, Program Detail Report and Simple/Detailed Rosters. Prior to this, for Programs that had already passed, you would have had to have reported on them individually.

We recognize that this is not always the easiest way to Report on these especially when tying off financials with another department in your town or city. ...

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Release 7-3 – Detailed Roster improvements and other

We rolled out a few minor enhancements today including:

  • Inclusion of Custom Program Questions plus Custom Member Data Fields on the Detailed Program Roster
  • The Start Date of the Program is now included in the Confirmation Email that goes out to the Payor/Registrant(s)
  • A Master Calendar link has been added to the right column so that navigation to the Master Calendar is easier
  • Minor bug fixes


1. Inclusion of Custom Program Questions plus Custom Member Data Fields on the Detailed Program Roster


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Release 6/6 – Partial Payments

 We just rolled out some enhancements today to include full Partial Payment support. This will allow you to track and manage partial payments for both Program Registrations as well as Facility Reservations. Please note that partial payment functionality applies to RecDesk Director only. Community members registering through the Community Portal cannot make partial payments. To get an idea of how it all works, read and look at some of the screen shots below. Please call or email support with any ...

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RecDesk Release 5/22 – Email templates & profile setup confirmation

Two minor enhancements were released today. The first of these is around the abilty to customize the emails that are sent to members and the second is a more prominent message when they have completed their initial profile setup on the RecDesk Community portal.

Customized Email Templates

Emails are automatically sent to Members in two instances a) a welcome email when they first set up a profile on the RecDesk Community portal and b) the confirmation emails that are ...

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RecDesk Release 5-12 – Master Calendar View

Today we rolled out two enhancements that some customers have been asking for recently. They are:

  • Master Calendar View
  • Ability to configure which Member fields are required/optional

The Master Calendar View in particular will be a great resource for quickly seeing what is going on at a Parks & Recreation department for a given Month, Week or Day. At a glance, Program happenings, pavilion & field reservations and facility schedules can be seen.

Master Calendar View

The Master Calendar View can be ...

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RecDesk Release 5-9-2011- New Reports

We had a small, Report centered release today for RecDesk Director. There are three new Reports available via the Reports tab.

  • Program Detail Report
  • Member Email Report
  • Revenue by Program Report


Program Detail Report

This report provides a quick summary of the Program, Revenue, Fees, Roster and Schedule in one click. It can be created either from the Program detail page (see image below) or, if you would like it printed out for multiple Programs, the Reports tab.


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RecDesk Release 4-25-2011 – New/Migrated Reports

As part of our migration to a new reporting infrastructure, we’ve released/migrated 5 new Reports today. These include the following:

  • Roster – Simple
  • Roster – Detailed
  • Revenue By Period – Summary
  • Revenue By Period – Detail
  • Refunds By Period


Next up are the following Reports, tentatively scheduled for next Monday 5/2:

  • Revenue By Program
  • Program Report – Detailed
  • Membership List
  • Mailing Label List
  • Email List
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RecDesk Release – Facility Scheduling & Reservations plus new Reporting platform

We’ve  just rolled out some very exciting enhancements to RecDesk. An overview and some screenshots are below. The best way to learn and get more comfortable with the enhancements is to schedule some Facilities and run some Reports! You won’t break anything 🙂

Enhanced Facility Scheduling & Reservationing
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  • Google Calendar like facility usage Views
  • Complete Facility Permitting
  • Customizable Permitting templates
  • Single date plus recurring schedule builder
  • Scheduling conflict alerts – schedule with confidence
  • Edit Occurence or Series

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