Release 4-18-12 – Master/Events Calendar on Community portal and new report

We just released an update that includes the ability to display a Master/Events Calendar on the RecDesk Community portal. This is similar to the Master Calendar that has been available in RecDesk Director for some time. The Community version displays Program related events only. It will not display general Facility reservation information or private Program related events. 

In addition, we also added another Report: The Program Attendance Report. This is exactly what it sounds like and is available on either the ...

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Release 2-14-12 (Director) – Duplicate Member Profile Merging

We released an upgrade today that includes support for consolidation of/removal of duplicate Member accounts. This is something that can happen if one account is made in-house while a household creates their own online or vice versa. Over time, this can result in two or more accounts that have Program and Payment history associated with them for the same individual. The new functionality will merge ALL Program Registration and Payment History and do a delete on the duplicate profile.

The procedure ...

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Release 1-8-2012 (Community) – Wait Listing Part II

As part of the second phase of Wait Listing, community members can now add themselves or family members to a Program’s wait list if the program is full. RecDesk Community members will be able to do this if the following conditions are true for the Program:

1) The Program allows Online Registration

2) The Program is still open for enrollment (still within enrollment begin/end date period)

3) The Program is currently full

If a Program meets all three of these criteria, there will be ...

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Release 1-1-2012 (Director) – Wait Listing Part I

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping that 2012 is great year for everyone, especially to those that dedicate their lives to Parks & Recreation and keeping kids (and adults) healthy.

We rolled out Wait Listing today for RecDesk Director. It will be implemented next week for RecDesk Community. It’s very easy to use and works as follows:


1) The Wait List tab

 Members on the Wait List are ordered by their time of entry onto ...

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Release 10-13-11 (Community) – Program List updated to show number of spots remaining

There always seemed to be a bit of confusion around the Openings column on the Programs page of the RecDesk Community Portal. People weren’t sure if it represented the “remaining” slots open or the “maximum enrollment” for the Program. It actually represented the Maximum Enrollment as defined for that Program in RecDesk Director.

In an effort to remove this ambiguity, we’ve added another column to represent the number of Remaining slots as shown below!

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Release 10-4 (Community) – Added some Social Media love to RecDesk Community portal

In an effort to make it easier for you and your community to help spread the word about Programs, Facilities and other offerings, we’ve added FaceBook plus Twitter “share” buttons to the tops of the Program and Facility Detail pages in RecDesk Community.

Hopefully this makes it super easy for folks to share share stuff and help your Programs take advantage of some of that Social Media viral marketing. We’ll be adding more options (and to more pages) soon. If anyone ...

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Release 10-4 (Director) – Improved Facility viewing options

We’ve added more granular control over which Facilities and which attributes of those Facilities are visible on the RecDesk Community portal. The attributes would be: 1) Hours of Operation (Schedule) and 2) Facility Usage. These are controlled by going to the Facility Detail page in RecDesk Director, which no includes 3 checkbox options:


Checking/unchecking Show Facility on Portal determines just that…… whether or not the Facility actually apperas on the Portal.

Show Schedule on Portal controls the ...

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Meeting with RecDesk customers in Charleston, SC and Denver, CO

The week of 9/11-9/18 was a busy one as we headed down to the NC/SC Parks & Recreation Conference in Charleston for a Monday and Tuesday show. Todd McEvoy, Director of Sales & Business Development, and myself talked to lots of folks about how RecDesk could help them manage their Programs, Facilities, and Financials with RecDesk.


Todd McEvoy with Conference attendee in CharlestonIt was then on to Denver after that for ...

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Release 9-27 – Improved Receipt plus Member reservation visibility on reports plus calendar

Three minor changes were rolled out this morning. They are:

1) An improved receipt for customers/members

2) Inclusion of member name/address/phone on Facility Reservation reports

3) Notation on Master Calendar for those Reservations that have payment that is still in partial status


An improved receipt for customers/members

Inclusion of member name/address/phone on Facility Reservation reports


Notation on Master Calendar for those Reservations that have payment that is still in ...

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Release 9-8 – Bulk Reports on Past Programs

We rolled out a release today that will let you easily choose multiple Programs that have already occurred (past Programs) for Reports such as the Revenue by Program Report, Program Detail Report and Simple/Detailed Rosters. Prior to this, for Programs that had already passed, you would have had to have reported on them individually.

We recognize that this is not always the easiest way to Report on these especially when tying off financials with another department in your town or city. ...

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